Vouchie Christmas Buying Trends

christmas trends

So it turns out, when it comes to buying Christmas presents there are a lot of people who are buying them last minute … more specifically on Christmas Eve!

Are you one of those people?

Vouchie’s website traffic and sales peaked on Christmas Eve with 15% of our entire December sales purchased.

Especially in the midst of a global pandemic, there is an increasing demand for online shopping, and throughout December alone Vouchie sales totalled over $80, 000.

We introduced a variety of new vendors to Vouchie throughout 2021, and we expect that to continue to grow throughout 2022.

Majority of gift givers over the festive season were employers gifting their employees, or family and friends gifting vouchers from vendors that were local to their loved ones.

Online gift vouchers have also allowed customers to support local businesses despite the obstacles of a global pandemic and mandatory lockdowns.

And with Vouchie’s effortless and instant process of online gift giving, we successfully catered to those last-minute shoppers … and as our data shows 61% of them were male!