For Buyers

You pay a small processing fee of $2.95 on top of the voucher value of your choice. The Seller may elect to pass on the credit processing fee of 1.5%, in which case, this will also be added on depending on the seller.

As the purchaser, yes you will be emailed a copy of the gift voucher instantly with your receipt.

If you enter your own email address as the recipient to present the gift in person, you will receive the gift recipient email as well. This allows you to print the gift voucher and give at a later time.

If you enter your gift recipient’s email address on the order, they will receive the voucher instantly. So ensure you want them to receive the voucher on purchase and not at a later time.

You will need to complete the support form on the Contact Us page, and select “Lost Voucher” in the drop down menu. Vouchie will then get in touch with you to start the recovery process. This includes alerting the business to check whether it had been redeemed or to allow them to manage the redemption under their own terms and conditions.

Each business should have terms and conditions listed on their voucher page. If they do not, it is recommended you contact the business to enquire about any condition not presented either on the voucher or on the voucher page.

You can suggest a business by completing the support form on the Contact Us page, and select “Suggest a Business” in the drop down menu. Vouchie will then contact the business and get them on board!

Each voucher has a variety of fields that need to be completed by the purchaser when purchasing a gift voucher:

  • Recipient Name – The name of the person receiving the gift voucher. This name will appear on the gift voucher in the “To” field.
  • Sender Name – The name of the person giving the gift voucher. This name will appear on the gift voucher in the “From” field.
  • Email Address – The gift voucher will be sent to this email address. This email address will not appear on the gift voucher. You could enter in the recipient’s email address, for them to receive the gift voucher instantly; or you could enter in your email address, to receive the gift voucher now and give to the recipient in person at a later date, eg. in 5 days time on their birthday.
  • Message to Recipient – A message from the sender to the recipient. This message won’t appear on the gift voucher, but it will be included in the email the recipient receives with the gift voucher. Maximum of 200 characters.

For Sellers

Your business will receive 100% of the gift voucher value. (see terms for credit fee conditions)

After a customer has bought a gift voucher on Vouchie, it will be processed within seven days and the voucher value will be transferred to your bank account.

You will receive an email as soon as a voucher has been purchased. It will contain the voucher value and customer details and an identical copy of the voucher pdf.

Yes. Upon sign up, under the “Do you have an existing voucher graphic?” question, select “Yes” and you can upload your own design.

We can create a gift voucher graphic for you. Upon sign up, under the “Do you have an existing voucher graphic?” question, select “No” and Vouchie will get in contact with you to discuss creation of a voucher graphic.

The system generates a unique number set to each voucher purchased. You can enter this number into your POS as a sale or run a parallel system to record voucher details for staff to reconcile against.

If you currently use bar code gift cards, this system is probably not for you, again, we would recommend a parallel record keeping system.

A voucher sale is not actually a provision of a good or service, so therefore it doesn’t realise the GST until it is redeemed. The GST Vouchie pays is on the service it provides in the $2.95 fee it charges the purchaser.

An example, someone purchases a $100 voucher from Vouchie for a restaurant, they pay $100 for the voucher (BAS excluded), they pay the $2.95 fee (which includes GST). Vouchie gives the restaurant the $100 in full, the purchaser redeems the voucher on a GST inclusive bill after enjoying their meal at the restaurant.

More info here:

On Voucher purchase, we (Vouchie), the business owners, and the recipient, all receive an exact copy of the voucher. Businesses should cross reference the Voucher ID, with their own record of the voucher details before redeeming at Point of Sale. Vouchie is not liable for any losses incurred by the business for redeeming a voucher that has had voucher details tampered with.

In order to prevent our businesses from losses from a voucher being purchased by a stolen credit card, Vouchie will contact the voucher purchaser when the amount is excessive or there are other suspicious indicators on the purchase. The purchaser will be contacted via the phone number and email address provided by the purchaser on voucher purchase. 

Any suspicious voucher purchases over $100 will be alerted to the business owner with the voucher ID. The business should not redeem this voucher if presented at their point of sale. Vouchie will not pass on the funds taken on suspicious voucher purchasers until confirmed as legitimate with the purchaser. 

The business owner is also encouraged to contact any purchaser of a voucher where they feel the purchase may be suspicious. Vouchie is not liable for any losses incurred by the business due to a voucher being purchased with a stolen credit card.