The Rock at Caves Beach is an awesome bouldering gym located in the industrial area at Caves Beach, Lake Macquarie.

Indoor bouldering is rock climbing without ropes with great big crash pads underneath and is growing in popularity each year. One advantage is you don’t need someone to belay you and no ropes to hinder your climb.

Bouldering is short climbs that you might try over and over again until you work out the best way to solve the problem. The way in which you solve a problem we call ‘beta’. Left foot here ….. use your right hand in a certain way etc ….. Of course, sometimes you just need to build some strength for a particular climb over a number of days or weeks.

We are always changing the climbs and so there is always something new and still that challenge you haven’t mastered yet too.

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Opening Hours


3pm - 8pm


3pm - 8pm


3pm - 8pm


3pm - 8pm


12pm - 7pm


10am - 4pm


1pm - 6pm

Other times may be available by appointment.